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We are very excited about what we’re doing and love to share it with people. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to give personal tours to each individual who stops by the farm. If we did this, there would quickly be no more farm to give a tour of! Therefore, to accommodate your curiosity and our daily duties, we have several different options for those wanting to come see the farm for themselves.

Self Guided Tour
This tour is mainly geared towards the individual or family who is curious about our goings on and would like to see for themselves what we do. It is designed for you to be able to pick up whenever you’d like to spend a few minutes at the farm and learn more about what we do. No special dates to fit into your schedule or times to remember (or forget!). Near the entrance you will find several laminated guides with a map of the farm. The numbers on the map correspond to points of interest around the farm and offer a description of each. This system allows you to explore the farm at you own pace and also allows us to minimize interruptions to our day. You are welcome to take one of these tours anytime we are open (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). There is a $2 suggested donation for the tour.

This tour is meant for larger groups who wish to come see the farm, including school field trips, garden clubs, homeschool groups, or any other community organization. It will consist of a one hour tour conducted personally by one of the farm staff. The tour highlights each area of what we do, including:  field crops, beekeeping, greenhouse microgreens, animal and fish husbandry, and composting. We are open to tailoring tours to any special interests your group may have, as well as including hands-on activity time (with a possible extra set-up fee).

Tours must be scheduled at least a month in advance. The cost is $5/person (or a minimum of $50).

To schedule a tour or request more information please email Courtney (office manager) at

Payment can be made using check, cash or credit (on site or through paypal)
For payment via paypal please select number of participants in your paypal cart.